Land Grading & Sod Installation in Burns, TX

Land Grading & Sod Installation in Burns, TX

Here are 3 times when you need land grading

Land grading is the process of moving earth to create a level plane or a precise slope. Prestige Landscapes & Pools offers land grading services to clients in Burns, TN and nearby locations. How do you know if your construction project requires land grading?

Hire a land grading company when you want to:

  1. Build a new house: You can’t lay a solid foundation on uneven land.
  2. Add a home addition: Don’t let the current lay of your land determine where you’ll expand.
  3. Improve irrigation: Protect your foundation by diverting water away from your house.

Add the finishing touch with sod installation

Prestige Landscapes & Pools won’t leave your yard high and dry. After we grade your land, we can install sod to turn your lawn lush and green again. If you prefer to start from seed, we can sow your entire yard.

Call 615-305-9696 to schedule sod installation at your Burns, TN home or business.